Overhaul & Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Are your sash windows stiff, stuck, or perhaps rattling and allowing cold air into your property?

We understand that your sash windows are one of the unique features of your home and therefore it is important to maintain the traditional features of your windows while bringing them up closer to modern insulation standards.

​Our overhaul and draught-proof service is a perfect way to address these issues, we follow a set guide that involves:-

  • Firstly, Ensuring your belongings and carpets are covered and protected, we then remove both top and lower sash windows to expose the box and sills. We can then create a report on rot and repairs that potentially need attention.
  • We carry out all repairs with quality timber and only the best materials including the trusted repair care resin system.
  • We try to try to retain as much of the original joinery as possible, where repairs are required we will ensure any new timber will be primed and undercoated.
  • ​While your sash windows are removed, We re-cord the sashes using a traditional, pre-stretched, wax cotton sash cord.
  • We can then counterbalance accordingly, adding weight where required to ensure the sashes run exactly as they should do.
  • The sash windows are routed where the top and lower meet, we can then implant a colour matching weather brush which is also installed into the new staff and parting beads.

How it works

Our discreet draught-proofing system is installed without affecting the appearance of your windows whilst improving energy efficiency; this will provide an immediate and significant difference to the heat retention in your home.

Benefits of Draught Proofing include:-

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Double Glazing Existing Sash Windows

We understand that it is important to keep your property features original and compliant with building regulations so we are now able to very effectively double glaze your existing windows.

We are able to maintain integrity by rebating and implanting the specified double glazed unit into the original sash or casement window, finishing with a heritage detailed glass bead. During this process we would recommend a full decoration of sashes to be included.

Replacement Sash Windows

Our bespoke replacement sash windows are manufactured to the highest standard by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in specialist carpentry and joinery. The wood we use is chosen by us from a sustainable source making it environmentally friendly. These are hardwood timbers and therefore more durable than the softwood alternatives. We also offer a choice of timber types and sources used by our joinery team.

​We offer a complete tailored service when it comes to wooden windows as no two are the same, from single to double glazed, with different options to finish including like for like profiles and sash horns plus a large range of paint finishes.  We can replicate any style and design of existing sash windows.

​The good news is that we not only manufacture and install complete sliding box sash windows. We can fit new purpose-made, double glazed sashes into your existing box frames. With the large majority of existing Victorian/Edwardian timbers within box frame windows, still being in sound condition.

When you replace your existing single glazed sashes with purpose made double glazed sashes you will certainly reap the rewards of warmer rooms and noise reduction.

Sash Windows - Full Renovation - How we do it

  • First, we make sure the area is prepared and covered with dust sheets to keep the mess to a minimum.
  • We then remove and check the sashes (which are the windows themselves).
  • We remove any rot from the sills and boxes and either repair or replace the timber accordingly.
  • The sash weights and pulleys are checked to make sure they are working correctly.
  • We always fit new ropes when re-furbishing a window.
  • Draft proofing brushes and beads are then installed on the windows to prevent drafts and rattles.
  • We will also supply and fit new window furniture (insurance approved lock, safety and security restrictors).
  • As part of the refurbishment, a full primer is applied, followed by an undercoat and gloss paint finish to all external faces of the sashes, box frames and sills.
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